• Frank Haverkamp

How to Prepare to Sell your Business.

Selling your business is a big occasion, with a life lasting impact. Getting the right deal and price can make the difference between retiring happily and looking for your next job. Sounds great, but how exactly do you get the “Right Deal”, and sell for the most possible?

The biggest step to selling your business for the maximum value is preparing. As the business owner, you are tasked with preparing the business, all while keeping the business running and maintaining confidentiality. That might sound like a lot for one person, and it is. It’s alarming how little time and effort many business owners spend on preparing the business for sale.

Luckily, I help countless business owners do this exact thing, preparing their business for sale while ensuring they get the maximum amount and best deal possible. They allow me to do all the heavy lifting, while they happily wait to sell and start their next journey!

The hardest part for a business owner is deciding where and when to start in the process, but as an experienced broker from Sunbelt Business Brokers Nebraska, I will help you create a personalized selling road map, tailored to your business to ensure the best results possible.

I will guide you through some of the biggest obstacles, such as

  • Legal & Tax Housekeeping

  • Boosting the bottom line

  • Putting a “Bow” on it

Housekeeping is one of the most important steps, and I can help you eliminate any red flags associated with your business. It is important to have current and organized documents, along with addressing any other issues. Buyers will be immediately scared off if it’s apparent that the house just isn’t in order. In addition to housekeeping, you will want to boost your bottom line as much as possible.

There are a couple ways to do this, but it is extremely beneficial, for a pretty simple reason. The stronger the business’ bottom line, the more you can ask for it. After doing all this, you still will need to put a “Bow” on it. Think about it, a beautifully wrapped present heightens the perceived value of it, just because of how it looks. The same is true for your business. Perception is reality, so be sure the perception of your business adds to its value, not detracts from it.

All business owners should constantly be preparing for when the time comes to sell, because you never know when the time will be now. If you are ready to take the next steps, call me and we can discuss your business.

I take great pride in ensuring all business owners I work with sell for the maximum amount and the best deal possible. I look forward to doing the same with you.